Holistic Healing


All too often in my practice the average new patient coming in for their first appointment is someone who has been everywhere and tried everything. The story is played out over and over again in my office “I have been to so many doctors and tried so many different kinds of medications or tried “x” amount of other therapies and nothing has helped” and often the next few words are “but so and so said you changed their life so here I am. How can you help me?” And my answer is always the same – I will take a whole body, Holistic Healing approach. It is my professional and personal standing that everything in the body that occurs, good and bad, stems from your nutritional status. If your body does not have the most basic things it needs to run you will show depletions in other forms of your life. We start there. Always. But next we need to focus on what other parts of the body are helping to create whatever it is you are experiencing and that is where the Holistic Healing comes in.

To really feel the best you ever have and to really overcome whatever obstacle is in your way to feeling great a whole body Holistic approach must be taken.

You have to make changes on ALL levels:

  • Physical (through nutrition and exercise)
  • Mental (through Holistic Healing counseling, meditation, and other mind exercises),
  • Emotional (through identifying what patterns and negative behaviors exist and figuring out together how to work through them)
  • Spiritual (through really being able to listen to your inner guidance and knowing your body, heart and soul).

Often my new patients know this on some level – they know that being tired all the time isn’t right. They know that having emotional extremes through the day isn’t really “normal” and most know or feel that just another med isn’t going to really fix any of these problems. Most have even, as I said before, reached out to many conventional and sometimes unconventional forms or treatment or help only to find themselves feeling the same, or worse and having spent sometimes thousands of dollars in the process. What have you been missing? Again, it’s the Holistic Healing, whole body approach. To focus on just one part of the problem will not fix everything. You must start at the root of the issues to weed out the underlying causes and in effect the symptoms. Symptoms after all are nothing more than the body crying out warning signals that something is wrong – to simply treat that symptom would be to miss the message’s purpose completely.

Think about it this way – if you have let’s say a skin condition does it make sense to simply apply a steroid cream in hopes them skin condition will go away? And anytime it comes back use that very damaging cream again and again? Or would you rather find out how and why the skin condition is happening in the first place? Maybe you are having digestive dysfunction due to low enzymes in the gut, or you have high anxiety from some emotional issue that is then causing the low enzymes? The body is a complicated mechanism that deserves attention on all levels, not just the surface. Conventional medicine views the body as being a separate functioning mechanism to the rest of our being, each body part functioning independently and not synchronizing as one. Holistic healers see the body and the person as one and there is no distinction between the two. There is no separation.

My job and my goal is to EDUCATE you, INSPIRE you and above all EMPOWER you to become a conscious creator of your physical, emotional and spiritual reality. Our aim in working together is to achieve a balanced lifestyle where all of the parts of the body as a whole are working together – physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Only then will you truly resolve the underlying problems you are facing. I can help.

Yours in healing.

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