Let me save you time and money by skipping the trial and error process.

Kinesiology is a muscle testing technique based on neurological reflex and acupuncture points located on the surface of the body. The testing is non-invasive but highly accurate with a qualified and experienced practitioner.Kinesiology provides a unique way of communicating directly with the body allowing the body itself to reveal the precise location and nature of its imbalances and dictate its preference for treatment. The goal is to bring the body and mind into balance and alleviate your symptoms. This will also result in the prevention of future health issues, including reducing the likelihood of experiencing some of the big problems like cancer, heart problems and diabetes.

Kinesiology spans the full spectrum of health and healing and it is practiced worldwide by doctors, dentists, chiropractors, osteopaths, naturopaths, physiotherapists, nutritionists, counselors, healers and in almost every branch of alternative and complementary medicine. Treatment is dictated by the person’s own response not the practitioner’s preference, and as a result takes the guesswork out of treatment.

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So what can kinesiology offer? A practitioner using kinesiology can:

  • Test for the most effective nutritional treatment
  • Evaluate and balance the energy in meridians and their associated organs & glands
  • Add the dimension of subtle energy and the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)
  • Massage reflexes to improve lymphatic drainage
  • Activate reflexes to improve circulation
  • Identify individual food/substance sensitivity
  • Activate reflexes to defuse emotional stress and trauma
  • Improve coordination
  • Demonstrate effectiveness of treatment before and after

These are just a few of the things kinesiology can offer.

Everyone can benefit: from babies to the elderly, athletes and the fit to the injured and unwell. If someone cannot be muscle tested directly a surrogate may be used.

Vitruvian-Man_600x409_v2Kinesiology uses light pressure on various points on the skins surface along with muscle strength testing to discover disturbances in the body’s energy system. Light pressure on an abnormal point can convert a strong muscle elsewhere in the body to weaken, or a weak muscle to strengthen depending on which point or points are being touched. This idea is based on energy and quantum physics. Every cell in the body and every substance; to include foods, vitamins, minerals, herbs, homeopathics, toxins, pathogens, etc. produce a very specific magnetic vibration or frequency which can either clash with the body’s energy system or resonate in harmony with it. Therefore, kinesiology primarily focuses on how the frequencies of these substances affect the nervous system, making the body either strong or weak.

By using a simple technique like kinesiology it is possible to determine which organs are out of balance and which specific treatment is most likely to normalize the energy in the body and consequently promote good health.

The vast majority of patients we see in the office are those who have been suffering with some long term issue and have tried everything to overcome it. Everything but working with an experienced Kinesiologist. I have been able to unlock hundreds of complicated and long standing patient cases with the use of Kinesology and I am sure I can help you too. Serving patients in Rochester, New York and the surrounding area.

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