Before working with Andrea I struggled for years with issues that my doctors couldn’t figure out. Medications they would prescribe would make things worse and I seemed to get every side effect.

At first I was very skeptical about Andrea’s practice. I thought how could something as simple as muscle testing and natural supplements be used to detect and fix these problems that my Dr can’t seem to solve.

Within a few short weeks I became a firm believer! Almost all of my issues I had struggled with were better.
I am amazed by Andreas knowledge of the body, supplements and nutrition. And her ability to put it all together to fix issues. I have and will continue to recommended my family, friends and clients to Andrea. She has been able to significantly change my life as well as theirs!

Sherri Toates

“If you have any type of issue, I really recommend talking to Andrea. She is very knowledgeable and good at what she does. She has helped me in more ways than I expected. I have learned with proper nutrition, you can feel and look so much better. Eating properly has so many benefits that I never knew. I have changed my eating habits and feel so much better! Don’t hesitate to make an appointment. You won’t be disappointed.”

Nichole Linzy

“When I first heard about Andrea and Gateway Nutrition I had my doubts how she could help me. I didn’t think that something on my skin would have to do with what was going on inside of me/what I was ingesting. I worried that Andrea would think I was really gross for letting my skin issue get so bad. I was also contemplating going to see a skin doctor instead.

  • There were SO many good SURPRISES when it came to working with Andrea!
  • The whole Kinesiology testing, what it was, that it actually worked, I could feel it working and could tell that the testing couldn’t be faked.
  • That natural supplements Aren’t just “vitamins” to do w/e, they have purposes and strengths like Rx drugs but are safe and natural and help reverse/ clean out the damage we have done to our bodies.
  • How much improvement I had avoiding the allergens in foods. Proved to myself it’s up to me.
  • Andre wasn’t judgmental, and didn’t make me feel dumb for not knowing important/basic seeming things. She took the time to explain why and how and what fixes it.
  • How aware She was of cost when we voice it is a concern. That could have been a make or break thing.
  • Learning about all the diseases that are caused by eating terrible things, and how they can’t be cured or undone. Amazing.
  • I’m most pleased with all Andrea taught me about food and ingredients. She opened my eyes to so much. I’ve learned things I can’t ignore now and will forever never get as bad as I was with what I was ingesting.

I absolutely 100% would and have recommended your services. It’s truly amazing, I believe Andrea can help with anything and anything can be improved or cured with little to no side effects. Knowing that Andrea herself has overcome huge issues and uses the products she suggests is really encouraging. You being in the same boat as us many times, recommend cheaper places to get this or that, Your right beside us all along practicing this healthy lifestyle. Your an inspiration that it can be done!”


I started working with Andrea three years ago and it was the best decision I have ever made. Any time I have a health issue come up now, Andrea is the first person I talk to. And whatever that health issue is, she can always treat it. She has taught me about proper nutrition, helped increase my energy levels and mood, treated candida and improved my immune system. I personally believe Andrea’s approach is extremely accurate and as minimally invasive as it gets.

For example, I was once told I had to go to a specialist to have a scope put down my throat when I complained about a sore throat; instead I talked to Andrea and she was able to treat it with an herbal spray and I haven’t had a problem since! Above all else, what really makes Andrea stand out is that she truly cares. She wants to see you get healthier and reach your goals. She has been my biggest supporter over the last three years. I highly recommend her!


First of all I am not done yet BUT I want to say thank you. Thank you for listening to my problems, Thank you for paying attention to my requests. Finally thank you for getting me from 225lbs down to my current 207lbs with that diet plan. When my doctor did nothing but ignore me and insist I was “eating too much” you listened and were able to fix my problems on the spot. I am so happy to be under 220lbs for the first time in years and I simply never would have guessed what TYPE of diet would fix me.

Certainly I never could have realized that eating more was the answer or that I was struggling with insulin sensitivity. I’m running a half marathon next month and by then I should be approximately 2 lbs short of my goal to be 200lbs flat. Goal time is 1 hour and 50 minutes and I feel like lugging around 20 LESS pounds per step is going to make me a very happy camper. Again, THANK YOU!

Suzanne Kenyon

“I first heard about Andrea from Deb, another patient of Andreas. She knew I was extremely ill and in chronic pain on a daily basis and was just muscling through and going through the motions just trying to get through my days. I was spending a great deal of money already on doctors and numerous amounts of medications. So, diving into alternative methods of fixing my multiple health issues that I was pretty sure were not fixable and not covered by our insurance was scary, overwhelming and out of the question.
I was not adverse to alternative healthier methods of treating health issues but I have been so sick for over 20 years with my doctors sending me to more doctors for more opinions, getting put on loads of medications that were not helping and making me sicker…..It had beaten me down. I felt there were no answers and did not want to throw more money we didn’t have away. I truly believed that feeling like absolute crap and chronic horrible pain was how I was going to live out my life.

The final straw that made me make the decision to come to you was my annual OBGYN appointment in August of 2014. My IC was getting worse and worse. I was in so much pain and my doctor and PA could not understand why I wasn’t responding to the medications and procedures they had tried on me. I had gotten horribly worse after a few of the procedures they swore helped everyone else and they had not worked for me. I went in and broke down in tears. I cried all the time in the shower and when no one was around but tried to be the tough girl for the rest of the world. But I went in to that office begging for help. They wanted me to go to an OBGYN Pain Specialist. Great, another specialist who would put me through embarrassing tests and put me on what……another medication that didn’t work or made me worse. I went home with a novel of paperwork to fill out again feeling very defeated and worse than I had going in.

I sat on the floor filling out the paperwork in tears, answering questions that I had answered a million times that did not even pertain to what I had been going through for years. I started writing down very angry responses to the questions on the form and finished ready to go into my appointment the next week ready to rip someone’s head off.

The next day I was at the barn and Deb was there. She took one look at me and started asking me if I was ok. I told her about the pain specialist and told her I was pretty much just giving up, this was the way I was living out the rest of my life. She asked who they were sending me to and when I told her she immediately told me to cancel the appointment. She told me that she could give me numerous names of women who had gone to him and had terrible experiences and never got the help they needed. Again she brought up your name and asked me to consider just sending you an email outlining my issues and asking if you would be able to help in any way. Deb told me to please not give up and was sure you would change my life!

I think I was finally so incredibly angry I was ready to investigate what you could offer me. I canceled my appointment on my way home from the barn. Called my husband and told him I was going to send you an email. I sent you a novel…….like this right! You immediately got back to me and said you could fix me. I talked to my husband and told him that I needed to give you the chance to help me can we please figure out how to do this and the rest is history or her story 🙂

I was not totally sold on everything you said you could do for me and the Kinesiology made me skeptical I have to admit but I was hopeful after the first two visits that you could at least help me with maybe one issue I had out of the many.

The biggest surprise…….how quickly I felt changes for the better. You told me this would be a long process and because I had a laundry list of things wrong with me for so long it was going to take time. You were even shocked at how quickly I started feeling better. And I keep continuing to feel better. I think because I had been in chronic pain and so sick for over 20 years, never having a day where I could say “I feel good today” in those 20 years, any little change for the better was an improvement. Within days I was starting to feel better and continue to feel better and better.

What has pleased me about working with you……a few things for sure. First, you are actually fixing me! I am off all but one of my meds. My focus and memory are better. Second and probably more important, you get me. You truly understood my anger and my feeling of utter giving up myself. You understand what it really feels like to be as sick or as in pain as I have been because you have been there. You are brutally honest, pull no punches and are approachable. I speak my mind, you let me and listen to me. You truly believe in what you’re doing and believe in the people you are helping. Thanks for being a human being! I say that very sincerely because In the over 20 years I have been sick and in pain I have had doctors so called cold sympathy and understanding but none of them really I felt looked for a solution or treated me like an individual. It was one band-aid after another.

I have recommended you to everyone I know and I know some are going to you now. I am now taking my daughter to you and my husband will be going when you are done with the two of us. A girl who is like a niece to me that I love dearly has been horribly sick for a while now and we have watched her deteriorate over the years fearful that her frustrated and scared parents were going to lose her. I would not have recommended that she go to you if I did not with absolute certainly trust and believe in you! You know who I am talking about.

I mean this sincerely! I have to thank Deb because she never stopped nagging me to go see you until I made the decision that I had to do this for myself. You hands down saved my life!!!!!! I cannot thank you enough. I spent over 20 years just muscling through everyday not knowing what it felt like to feel good or not be in absolute pain. It does make me feel so sad that I lost so much time to my illnesses but finally at 51 I can actually say with certainty I know what a good day and a bad day are health wise. I have good days more often than bad and I owe that to you.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you xoxoxo. ”

Diane Hibbard

“My work with Andréa has transformed my life. ”

“My relationship with food has always caused frustration as far back as I can remember. Between dieting or thinking about dieting, and trying to eat healthfully, I always end up feeling deprived and depleted of energy. I could never seem to find a balance, there always seemed some elusive answer and if I could find it, I would have the key to meet my goals, feel healthy and fit, and get my strength back. Eventually all foods started to bother me, and I was diagnosed with a stomach that that wasn’t working properly and a very sluggish digestive tract that spent days digesting food, all leaving me in pain. After several GI doctors and a couple of expensive medications later, I could tolerate foods better, but unfortunately, I felt more and more lightheaded and fatigued.

In just my first visit with Andréa, I learned quickly that recommendations made by my doctors, weren’t necessarily the healthiest for me. Even from the first visit, it was like Andréa was uncovering clues to why my body was struggling and what I could to help it heal. With her vast knowledge of foods and kinesiology, Andréa could determine what areas in my body needed support and why all my efforts had failed. She explained that the reason the medications my doctor prescribed were helping me tolerate foods was because they were preventing me from digesting them and absorbing the nutrients. I also learned that there were foods that were toxic to my body, and that the flax seed that I was eating for fiber contained estrogen and was causing other symptoms. No wonder I had been feeling depressed, lightheaded and exhausted. Over the last few months we have been working together tailoring a program to meet my needs and my body, and during that time I have been able to go off all medication for my stomach, reduce the flax seed, and find foods that are supportive of what my body is going through. I am finding that I am getting my strength back.

Through her intuition, talents, compassion, and experiences, Andréa has helped me navigate that elusive path back to health that I never believed I could find. I am able to eat more healthfully with fewer cravings and increased energy, and the changes are not only cleansing my body, but also seem to be carrying over to other aspects of my life. I have hope and I feel great about the changes I’m making. ”


I have had many health challenges and some for more than 25 years which is why I sought out a
Nutritionist/holistic health practitioner who specializes in Kinesiology such as Andrea. I was in need of some real support in the areas of allergies, food intolerances, hormonal imbalances, pre-menopause, chronic sinus, weight control, and many other chronic conditions. I have seen consistent improvements in nearly all aspects of my health since the first month. I have spent 25 years exploring everything traditional physicians and specialists have to offer from medications, allergy shots, hormone therapy, diets, provocation/neutralization testing, and some invasive testing. Maintaining a consistent support system with Andrea has truly contributed to my success. I live a fuller life now than I could 6 months ago because of the progress I have made! I don’t need to rest so often in the afternoons like I used to, or stay in every Friday night because I was out all day and too tired to have some fun, and I am buying some new clothes because I have lost 20 pounds! I think more clearly, and I have learned how to make long-term lifestyle changes that will continue to impact my life so I can be more active and less sleepy in my future.

Maintain regular communication with Andrea. Sharing any difficulty with her that you are having, will further infuse the individualized care you will receive with even greater precision. This is the single most important element Andrea brings to our relationship: it is evident how much she cares and wants to see me get better. I appreciate the time she takes to listen to me and she respects what I bring to the discussion about my health. She is definitely a partner in my health.

Allison O’Malley

My daughter, age 6, was experiencing “abdominal migraines” for about 4 months. She would report a bad headache and then within minutes start throwing up. The pediatrician said it is very difficult to determine the source, though diet was often the culprit. She suggested starting a daily regimen of anti-nausea drugs and hope that my daughter would eventually grow out of it. That wasn’t a sufficient answer for me. So I sought Andrea’s help. The severe symptoms we originally came with are gone! We haven’t had a headache in over a year. We began seeing an improvement within 2 weeks of beginning treatment. We made modifications to my daughter’s diet, which were hard but Andrea was really reasonable about it, and we started on several supplements to support my daughter’s digestion.

Making dietary changes with a 6 year old is challenging! Andrea was very supportive and reasonable about the approach, if she had been “hard core” about it, I don’t think we could have done it. Taking dietary changes slowly, consistently monitoring progress and making adjustments has really worked for us. It is more work than traditional medical care, where you get a prescription and go on your merry way, but in the end we’ve learned how to modify our diet to promote improved health for my daughter, which has also helped the whole family.

Approach the process with an open mind and willingness to change. Take steps that are reasonable for your family and communicate honestly with Andrea where you’re struggling and where you’ve won, then work together as a team. And don’t forget to celebrate your accomplishments!


Andrea helped me heal my Interstitial Cystitis and my stomach lining without pharmaceuticals, so I can eat grapefruit and apples again today – onward! (Anyone who has ever suffered with IC knows what a huge accomplishment this is!) Little did I know I would also need her for adrenal fatigue and hormone imbalance. Andrea is the reason I can still work and care for my family. She is a great listener, and helps you rebuild your health, starting where you are. There are more solutions than your doctor knows!

Susan Sprague

“Before I started working with Andrea Evans, I had a case of psoriasis on my body and throughout my scalp. I had gone to two doctors in our area and one doctor in Houston. After having no luck with my doctors, I went to several dermatologists. My answer was the same from all of them. There is no cure, I would have to learn to maintain the condition. I was given a steroid cream which I used and it turned the pigment of my skin to white spots. I also used the hair oil they prescribed for my hair. After sleeping in a cap with the prescribed oil on my hair for a night, I was shocked when taking a shower the next morning. I literally had clumps of hair falling out. I had never been to a nutritionist before, but a friend of mine recommended Andrea saying she had great results for other matters she was dealing with. At this point I had nothing to lose.

My first visit with Andrea was on August 12, 2014. Today is November 19, 2014. As of today I have no psoriasis on my body or in my scalp. My hair is starting to grow back which is a process all in itself. She is now working on my thyroid condition and in the future I will be off my thyroid medication that I have taken for 20 years. This will be a slower process, but I have 100% confidence that I am working with the right person for me. I have the highest regard for Andrea as a person and as a professional.

Was it worth taking 52 nutrients a day to this point? Absolutely! If I had to do it all over again I would not hesitate. How could I not recommend Andrea to anyone after getting such positive results for myself. She has given me a new outlook on alternative methods to cure conditions one might have.

Pam Apt

When I first met Andrea I was hopeful that I had met someone who would be able to unlock the symptoms that had plagued me for most of my life. I cried as I drove home that day and scheduled my first appointment as soon as I walked in the door.

I originally started going to Andrea for help with Menopause symptoms that triggered issues that had been intermittent since my teen years. Issues included unexplained inability to lose/maintain weight, increasing frequency of hot flashes and prolonged periods of mood fluctuations and/or depression. Within 3 months of working with Andrea I was seeing and feeling dramatic changes taking place. It is a process but I am feeling much more balanced and in control.

I had tried talking with traditional medical doctors as well as other holistic and nutritional routes before but none of these professionals listened to my history or my symptoms as seriously or as deeply as Andrea. I never felt as if I was taken seriously or with the kind of empathy or understanding that I received from Andrea.

Andrea is the special combination of being both a highly skilled practitioner who is passionate about what she does and a very caring individual committed to her patients. I feel at ease, connected and know that Andrea is in this with me – willing to see it through. I am much more balanced in mood and energy and it has affected my entire life.

Trust Andrea to truly hear what you are feeling and experiencing. Know that she will work with you and beyond conventional norms to find answers to your questions and unique set of circumstances. Don’t give up because she WON’T!

Bonnie McVeigh
Highly recommended!

I started seeing Andréa a couple years ago. I had not been feeling well for a long time. All the testing my doctors did came back normal for their standards and told me there was nothing they could do to help me.

Basically dismissing me making me feel like my issues were not real. I felt depleted and like I was going crazy. This is when I made and appointment with Andréa. She honestly listened to me and assured me I wasn’t crazy. That my issues were in fact real and she was able and willing to help me. What a relief! She has always made herself available to me answering all my questions as I continue to learn. The office is warm and comfortable. The staff is welcoming and respectful.

Highly recommended!

Casey Nerau

My 3 yr old has been seeing Andrea for about 2 years now. She helps us keep some breathing problems under control so that we are not constantly in the hospital. She is very personable and really loves what she does. I would definitely recommend and have already done so a couple times.

Laura Zwick
Improved the lives of everyone in my family

I originally started seeing Andrea as a nutritional consult…….a gift from my husband which kinda made me angry tbh! :).

She was so understanding and knowledgeable….her passion on the subjects of health and nutrition started me reading to learn more. As I started feeling better, I decided to bring my kids in for consults too. One of my kids was diagnosed ADHD with migraines and constant stomache aches. She was also extremely small for her age. I listened and trusted in Andrea…..and my daughter has a much better quality of life now due to her kindness and experience. Her health is now managed with the proper food and nutritional supplements. She has grown exponentionally, is healthier, is doing better in school and is happier.

Andrea has literally improved the lives of everyone in my family in some way. Some people have closed minds to alternative management of health….please give her an honest chance and listen! You won’t be sorry.

Sarah Baker

Amazing! Andrea listens and really works hard to support you in reaching nutritional goals. I have been a client of hers for a couple years and she never makes me feel stupid or uncomfortable even with all the questions I ask. No question is ever silly and her explanations are easy to understand. I have always felt comfortable in the appointments and like she is very “real” with me. I’ve never felt like a number. I most recently saw her while

I was pregnant with my first child – her care and concern over my understanding (or lack thereof) of my new nutritional needs was incredible. I left the appointments feeling empowered to make healthy choices for myself and my baby. Now as a nursing mom, Andrea works with me to ensure that my diet not only meets my new needs but the needs of my baby. I highly recommend Andrea to all my friends – she’s amazing at what she does!! I’m so thankful I found her!

Christine Kuczmynda

I am a fairly new patient of Ms. Evans and so far I have learned a lot about my body and how nutrition and certain supplements can help my overall health. I have seen definite improvements and am sure I will see more as time goes on. I believe anyone can benefit from a consultation.

Isaac Navias

If you have a complex health issue that doctors can’t solve go see Andrea Evans! She actually cares about you and your healing and spends the time that is needed to make sure you are on the right path.

I decided to see Andrea because I needed extra expertise and guidance to get me to my health goal. I have dealt with chronic health issues for over 3 years, and traditional doctors were not helping, they barely even spent any time with me when I went to see them. I was hesitant to see Andrea at first because I am on a budget and I didn’t want to waist my time and money with another doctor who would just guess at my issues. However, Andrea is certified in kinesiology, which from my own research showed that if done correctly it can almost eliminate trail and error of medicine, which is all my traditional doctors where doing. She also has been great at working within my budget! With her help I was able to remove my Candida overgrowth. After 2.5 months of seeing her I have so much more energy, and my business has taken off because of it.

If you are ready to feel awesome again go see Andrea today. I am so glad I did!

Deb Bissonnette

I cannot count how many folks I have now urged to go to Andrea for their care. Likewise, I cannot count how many have been forever grateful to me:-) I, like all the others, have had my share of health issues growing up along with my share of bad medical advice. Even though I have not always agreed with what the Medical Complex does to "manage" chronic dis-ease, I did not think there was another, reliable, safe management model to treat said conditions. (That, because I was one of them since my 20's and, boy!, was I brainwashed!!) The more I began to question and follow my heart that "something is just not right here," the closer I came to uncovering the truth about health, wellness, and happiness. On my journey I uncovered an unconventional and amazing idea. A concept of a functional, root-cause methodology of understanding the complexity of the body. Or, what I like to call the "God design." This design is not separated into different parts as medicine believes but is ALL connected….It has been my ongoing task to be completely in awe of this marvelous design. "Suddenly" everything began to click and make more sense to me than at any earlier time in my life. My entire life's journey led me full circle to a place of knowingness and trust that God does care for all of us and provides personally for ALL of our needs. Most especially through others…Then, I ran into Andrea. I was so blown away by her earnestness and compassion to help others that I started sending clients to her. And then, I decided to go against my stubborn, provider nature and go to her myself. Andrea is a truly impressive, one-of a-kind, intuitive healer. Make no mistake! This girl is for real and is connected on all of the right levels. Do yourselves a favor and give up your stubborness like I did. Come on in and usher in a whole new feeling of wellness and connectiveness. Cheers!

Erika kallio

The first time I met Andréa I was very skeptical. She came in for a brief session at my school, and I was the lucky guinea pig. Never talking to this woman before, within the first 10 minutes of talking and testing me she found that I have stomach and heart issues, as well as sensitivities to milk. I couldn't believe she could figure that out with just a few tests, so I was sold.

Her outlook of looking to solve the problem, and not the symptom is a great thing to hear in this day and age. I started to see her for stomach issues, and she simultaneously helped with other issues in my body as well. Andréa does a great job explaining why you are taking the steps she wants you to take, instead of just throwing a pill bottle at you and saying "here, take this until you run out".

At her practice, you truly feel like an individual and taken care of.
I cannot wait for the next steps in my health, and look forward to seeing her again soon.

Diane Fiorito
Financial Service Representative

I have been a patient of Andrea's for several months now, and she has helped me too create positive changes in my life. She is not just a nutritionist, but also an educator. The results I have thus far have me feeling alert inspired and healthy! I am constantly talking about her and refer Andrea all of the time! The knowledge she offers is an lifetime investment and Worth every penny! Thank you Andrea!

Valerie Siciliano
health and fitness profession

My journey with Andrea started about 3 years ago. I had already been battling cystic acne and rosacea for about 3 years prior trying everything from oral antibiotics, facial creams, laser treatments and even a mild dermabrasion. At age 50 who wants to deal with cystic acne? I had just been told by the second dermatologist that my only choice left was Accutane. I did not want to go on Accutane. I had heard all of the side effects and being health conscious I was not for it. I publicly shared my disappointment on Facebook and Drea saw it. She immediately messaged me and said, "I can help you. Please do not take any more medications. Come see me for a consultation". Reluctantly, I went. She tested me and tested me and said just give me 3 months. We can and will fix this. So I did. What did I have to lose, I had tried everything and was so embarrassed at the way I looked, working with the public everyday caking on tons of makeup to hide my face. After just a few weeks I noticed a huge difference. I was hopeful finally. It was better. We had started with supplements but then went to nutrition. Now, if you don't know me, I eat healthy. BUT I was making a BIG mistake. I wasn't reading labels. We discovered SOY was NOT my friend. We detoxed my body with the 21-day purification program. We slowly added things back into my diet and realized SOY was the biggest trigger of them all. To make a very long 3-year saga shorter, I continue to read labels very carefully. I still see Drea on a monthly basis to keep things in check. I have referred my entire family and a few friends to her, all of whom she has been able to help. I am grateful and thankful for everything she has done. Without her help I would still be hiding under a painful (both physically and mentally) face. It has given me back my confidence.


I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism over 4 years ago. I was tired all of the time, gaining weight, having trouble sleeping, depressed, and dealing with migraines quite often.

I read as much as I could about how to fix my thyroid, tried exercising on my own, changed my diet , and started taking thyroid medicine and prescriptions to help with migraines and sleep. It helped a little, but nowhere near what I had hoped.

When someone introduced me to Andrea – I admit I was skeptical. I never heard of kinesiology and wasn't sure how it would help me.

I have been seeing Andrea for a little over two years now and can say I feel 100% better. I haven't had a migraine in over a year. I have lost most of the weight I gained from my thyroid levels being off. I exercise regularly and smartly. I eat a healthy diet and am learning new ways to make it better with every visit to Andrea. I am off all but one medication for my thyroid and my dose is extremely low. I only take it three times a week. I hope to be off of my thyroid medicine within a year.

Andrea has taught me how to make myself healthy, taught me how to be a Heath advocate for myself, how to question what is right and wrong with our idea of healthy food, and so much more. It isn't all about supplements and kinesiology. A visit to Andrea is about your individual overall heath and learning what you can do to make tourself the healthiest / happiest person you can be.


I am 16 years old. I have been going to Andrea for about 5-6 months now. Last year I would constantly get "stress sick" every break I got. Now that I have been going to Andrea, I have not gotten sick once this year. She has helped me through so many other issues as well. It has and will continue to be a great experience.

Rebecca Orr

I cannot say how grateful I am for the Amazing progressive improvement I feel in my over all wellness since starting with Andrea just over a year ago. Originally I went due to my Dr telling me I had gall stones and needed my gall bladder removed. Since I have previously had 11 other various surgeries, I did not want another, my daughter told me to call Andrea. Here we are just over 1 year and I still have my gall bladder and other preexisting issue have GREATLY improved. I am a 10 yr breast cancer surviver, yet suffered in numerous way of chemo side effects. My fibromyalgia is totally under control,90% less pain, my foggy chemo brain has greatly improved, and not a single pharacutical medication is needed! No more anti depressants, no more heart meds, many “so called” issues I was told by my Dr’s to “just learn to live with” have improved greatly, as well as my quality of life. The new Heart Sound Recoder is amazing and after only a few days since that I can already feel the difference beginning. There are not enough words to explain the better quality of my life, and how much more active I can now be, and enjoy my grandchildren.

Amanda Peevey

Andrea and her staff are awesome! I was having issues with weight gain and anxiety. The doctor just wanted to give me medication and was not listening to what I was saying. I knew it was not that simple. When I saw Andrea the first time, she listened to the issues I was experiencing and she was willing and ready to figure out what was going on with my body! She found my issue and in just a few short months I have improved tremendously. I am excited to continue to work with her and get my body back where it is supposed to be!

Ruth Monti

Andréa and her whole staff are wonderful. Ashley is extremely knowledgeable of products and services and booking appts. Always helpful and has a beautiful upbeat personality. Michael is one of the most encouraging and enthusiastic people I have known. He's always there to give you a pat on the back and keep motivating you to do what's best for your body and mind. Andréa is literally the smartest person I have ever met. She will help you with ANY issue you may have and she will be able to pinpoint exactly where your symptoms are stemming from to get to the root of the problem and treat it in a way that attacks the cause, not just the effects. She is truly a master. Everyone who makes mention of an issue in their body or health wise I always send them to Andréa having complete faith that she will help them. The standard process supplements work! They are clean and pure using Whole Foods and a lot of other Herbals and things you probably didn't even know existed on earth naturally. Thank you Gateway for healing me and my husband as well as getting me through my pregnancy naturally and helping my baby boy to come out so strong and healthy! Love you guys!


My mom was diagnosed by doctors first with lupus, and then with rheumatoid arthritis. After I began experiencing symptoms, we went to Gateway Nutrition and discovered that we both have candida overgrowths! I'm looking forward to a diet change, the relief it will bring, and learning more about my personal health and what my body needs from these wonderful people

Stephanie Johnson

I started seeing Andrea over a year ago as I was having all sorts of gut & auto-immune issues. I am happy to say that I feel 100% better than I did the 1st time I saw her. Andrea has really opened my eyes to how the environment and foods can affect your well being. I would recommend Andrea to anyone who is seeking a more holistic approach to nutrition and way of life!


Finally found someone who was able to reach the root of my health issues and offer positive, effective answers in a compassionate and understandable way. Can not say enough positive about Andrea.

Wendy Startari
Genesee & Wyoming

I found this place by accident when I was looking for a place a few doors down from Gateway. I walked in looking for another massage therapist when I saw the Standard Process supplements on the back counter. I almost started to cry because I never thought I would see those again. I moved here about 2 1/2 years ago from a little town outside Pittsburgh PA and I have been going to a Dr. of Naturoptahy for years and I couldn't seem to find one here. I have been getting sick since I moved here and my medical Dr. has done every type of blood work there is, giving me prescription after prescription trying to "take care" of my sinus issues. I even had a CT scan done and they have found nothing and I am tired of taking medicine just as a band aid. I am so happy I have found Andrea. With her knowledge and expertise I know that I will finally be back on the right track to fixing my body so it work properly so I will stop getting sick. Her staff is very kind and knowledgeable about everything and is very helpful. With the few friends I have made here so far, I have given out her name to everyone one of them. I know a lot of people don't believe in this but I am a great testimonial that it works and it is what is best. I have been seeing a Dr. of Naturopathy since my son was 3 years old and he is now 21 years old. When I moved here I thought I would never find anyone like my Dr. back home and I couldn't be happier to have found Andrea. I am a life time client!


I've had mysterious stomach issues for 5 years. Before seeing Andrea, herbalists (even Chinese herbalists) and acupuncturists had thrown in the towel, but Andrea has stuck with me to get to the root issue! She is super knowledgeable and this is the best I have felt in years!

Laura Rowland

Last year I came to Gateway Nutrition because I had no energy, everything seemed to take a monumental effort. I thought I had healthy eating habits and a fairly balanced lifestyle. Wow, was I wrong! Andrea explained the impact my 'healthy' diet and lifestyle had on my energy level, mood, and ability to manage stress. She set me on a path to wellness with a balanced diet and supplements. I have a much greater understanding of what I am actually eating and how it effects my energy level and overall health. I feel so much better! I'm very grateful to Andrea and her staff for their caring, non-judgmental approach.

Shannon Halling

I went to doctor after doctor for help with my long list of symptoms -including joint pain, fatigue, skin problems, etc. I was told that my symptoms were normal and that my joint pain was arthritis at 24. For years I had no answers and no one I could trust. My midwife recommended Andrea and finally I started getting answers. I have been seeing Andrea for over a year now and she is the only person I trust to help me with my health. She does not just address symptoms, but finds the underlying problems that are creating the symptoms. I am in a much better place now and I couldn't be more thankful to have found her!

Melissa Gonzales

I couldn't think how to write this. So many different ways came to mind. Sick for over 20 years from the young age of 17. I have run the gammit. Been to see all the doctors one could. All the horrible invasive tests and surgeries. Through it all i had my mother with me. Until i didnt. Losing both my parents 11 months apart was the blow that destroyed anything good my body had left. Anti depressants and rest did nothing. My body was just done. My stomach and body hurt everyday and everywhere. I couldn't eat or sleep. My mind never rested. What do i do? I wanted to live so badly. I have an amazing husband and 9 year old daughter. I wanted to give them all that my parents gave to eachother and my siblings. My body just wouldn't let me. I have been going to see Andrea for 7 months now and my life has changed dramatically! There is no more fear that iam alone in this. There are no more mysteries. Conventional medicine instills so little confidence in their abilities to heal you. Just brings on more fear and confusion. Iam no longer confused. Iam almost completely void of any fear. The earth provides so much that western medicine hides. I can truly say that I Love everyone at Gateway. They are a huge part of my life and show nothing less in return. Andrea wants to heal you and TEACH you how to be the best version of your true self. How to push pass fears and empower yourself. To see this as a quick fix would be such a shame. This is a beautiful journey and im so proud to have such an amazing team behind me. The only thing i wish is that my mother were here to see her daughter finally get well. But during this journey i have realized she is and always was. Andrea you are so special to me and im so grateful that the universe brought us together. If you want to be free of the sadness and fear that comes with chronic illness you should look no further. Dont think another minute. Just take the leap to change your life.


After years of struggling to control my weight (which only worked so-so), and watching my thyroid and blood pressure become issues, and feeling like I had to accept the fact that my knees and hips were always going to hurt, I finally decided I'd had enough. I turned to Gateway Nutrition for help in getting my body back to being healthy. My goal was never about weight loss as the primary objective. My goal was to eliminate the need for artificial drugs or medication to help my body get back to a healthier state. Along the way I have (so far) dropped two sizes, no longer take medications, and my hips and knees rarely hurt anymore. I am so thankful for the support and care exhibited by Andrea and her staff! Best decision I've made for myself in years!

James Nardi

When my wife and I came to Andrea we felt like 30 going on 50. We had no energy, no drive and were on the verge of of giving up. We were obese and giving all that we had at work we were unable to keep up with our two children at home. Hearing about her and her abiltly to help, we decided to make the move and make an appointment. Now, 10 weeks later, we have lost a combined 90 pounds and have never felt better. With supplementation and arming us with her knowledge and guiding our lives have done a 180. She held us accountable and taught us discipline. We are so glad we made that first call. I’m not exaggerating when I say she has saved our lives.

Lynnann Wieringa

I was very skeptical of this kind of treatment at first, but in desperation I tried it. I kind of wish I hadn’t waited a year to dive in! With Andréa’s patient coaching, I overhauled my diet, lost 35 pounds… but more than that, I’m feeling great for the first time in my adult life! The supplements really work – you will learn how to give your body what it needs in order to stay healthy, instead of medicating for when things go wrong. I can’t encourage you enough to make a commitment to better health today!!

Megan A

I have only been seeing Andrea for a short period, but she is excellent at what she does! she actually listened to all my concerns regarding my health and wellness. she performed kinesiology testing on me as I requested and was quite interested in from the get go. The testing was very accurate and confirmed a lot of things i already knew i had going on within my body. I am confident working with her will improve my health and rid me of some chronic issues i have been dealing with for along time as i am already seeing improvements!
Andrea keeps it real and knows what she is talking about and her front desk staff are professional and wonderful!


Miracle Worker

I’ve been sickly my entire life from the time I was born. Every passing year I would get more sick. The illnesses becoming chronic and more serious every year I aged. I have been to many specialists and no doctor can figure out the genesis of my multiple chronic illnesses/conditions, let alone know how to help me. At 32 I felt like an old woman with no direction of how to help myself despite so many attempts at various remedies, diets, oils and holistic treatments. Andréa was recommended to me by a woman I work with. My co-worker told me about Andréa’s story of healing and I knew she would be able to help me because she had once been where I am at, but was now living on the other side of it! Many of us who are chronically ill and in constant pain feel alienated and misunderstood by medical practitioners. With Andréa however, her sincere empathy, solidarity and humble confidence makes me feel safe and assured that there is a light at the end of the tunnel. What’s more is, she has helped me not be afraid of my body or my symptoms. This is so important for me in my healing processes as I believe the body must feel secure and confident in its own ability to be well and thrive. I am off all my medications (I used to be on a ton) except my blood pressure medicine, and have already noticed positive changes, the likes of which I’ve never seen my body be capable of performing before, since being under Andréa’s care. This woman has changed my life! I know I am in the process of transforming my body into it’s healthiest form possible thanks to now having Andréa as my North Star, guiding me towards my destination of total healedness.

Teresa Scherer

Thank you Andrea for listening to my health complaints/concerns and getting me off Hormone replacement meds. What a difference and I feel so much better! I never thought that would be possible but thanks to you it was!

Sarah Gerin

If you have a health concern (big or small) …or an elusive health mystery that hasn’t been solved my conventional medical approaches, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING and make an appointment with Gateway. I have been working with Andrea for 2 years, slowly chipping away at some complicated health issues that I have had as far as I can remember. Without going into too much detail, what I can tell you is that you will receive the utmost attention, care, and service that is unparalleled by anyone in the area. I have worked with a number of holistic practitioners in the past and have never received the balance and diligence of care that I have had with this office and all of it's staff. Not only is Andrea a phenomenal practitioner, she acts as a coach and advocate in your path to healing. I have found that this dynamic has helped me become accountable and responsible for me being my own advocate and taking responsibility for my health, which is a life long process and can’t be under-stated. My “gut” told me to book an appointment with her 2 years ago after almost giving up on the search for holistic-care in the area, and I’m so grateful I listened.


I started seeing Andrea after a friend recommended her a few months ago. I had been dealing with a complicated bladder issue that impacted every aspect of my daily life. I was 23, unable to work or go to school, feeling like I was 65. At that point, I was on the verge of hopelessness. I had been to doctor after doctor and had test after test done, with no results. Everybody I saw scratched their heads, gave me a pitiful look, and sent me on my way with a "Hope you feel better soon" closing, even though they had done virtually nothing to actually figure out what was wrong with me. I had tried antibiotics, medications, and even surgery to fix my issue, and absolutely nothing helped. Nobody could tell me what was causing my problem and nobody could come up with any solid plan to treat it. I started to feel like it was all in my head and maybe I was going crazy, but I couldn’t keep living like that. I was sick of doctors and sick of tests and treatments that wouldn’t work. I wanted to live a normal life again. I didn't know where else to turn, when a friend told me about her positive experiences with Andrea Evans. She raved about her, having nothing but positive things to say. At that point, I figured I had nothing left to lose, and gave the office a call. I immediately felt comfortable at Gateway. When I scheduled my appointment, I didn't feel like I was being judged as I had so many times before. Susan at the front desk was kind and sympathetic. I didn’t feel like I needed to justify why I needed to make an appointment. She was patient and understanding and helped me get in right away for my initial consultation.

When I first met Andrea, I finally felt like somebody cared. For the first time, I felt like I was speaking to somebody who knew what I was going through and actually listened to me and genuinely wanted to see me get better and would do whatever she could to help get me there. Never in my life have I met someone more honest and compassionate. She worked intensively with me, seeing me once every week or two while we started figuring out what was going on with my body. She explained to me during our first meeting that she wasn’t anti-doctor or anti-medicine, but she was anti-bullshit and she didn’t want to just treat my symptoms, she wanted to get to the root of my problem and treat that so that I could resume my normal life. I started taking a number of different Standard Process supplements, initially feeling pretty skeptical. She also had me keep a food journal for a few weeks so we could try to improve my diet and overall health as well. Slowly but surely, to my amazement, I started feeling better. I was spending less time in the bathroom and more time doing the things I enjoyed. It has been a slow process, but my condition has improved more in the past couple of months with Andrea’s support than it has since it started after seeing dozens of different doctors. I look back to when my problem first started and I was using the bathroom upwards of 40 times a day. I was depressed. I couldn’t sleep. I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything without having to stop and get to a bathroom right away. My whole life revolved around trying to control my bladder. After a couple of months of working with Andrea, I use the bathroom less than 10 times a day. Some rare days, less than five. Today, I feel like Andrea has given me my life back. My friends and family have all noticed a drastic change in me and my condition since I started seeing her, and they’re all blown away. I’m blown away. I’m in tears as I’m writing this, because I genuinely feel like making that call to Gateway to schedule my appointment with Andrea saved my life.

Whenever I have any new issue come up, Andrea is the first person I call. She won’t throw pharmaceuticals or antibiotics at you or just try to treat your symptoms, she will take the time to explain what she believes is going on and how to treat the cause. At one point I had a headache, a canker sore, and what felt like a UTI, and she tested me and explained that it was caused by my stomach. She helped me with that issue and those symptoms went right away. Another time, I was having pain during intercourse, to the point where my boyfriend and I had to stop each time we tried to do it. I told her about it, and she explained what could cause that and how to treat it. I was somewhat skeptical, but after doing what she suggested, that problem went away too. No matter how strange or uncomfortable the issue is, I feel confident openly discussing it with her. I have never once felt like she was judging me or that she didn’t genuinely care about my problem and want to see it resolved.

All that said, I cannot recommend Andrea enough. I can’t say enough good things about her. After seeing countless doctors, she was like a breath of fresh air and she helped me feel better when nobody else could. I highly recommend seeing her if you have an issue that seems hopeless or that doctors are unable to figure out. If you are sick of tests and medications and antibiotics and doctors who don’t really seem to care whether you feel better or not, I wholly suggest you see Andrea. She won’t sugar coat things. She’ll be real with you, and she’ll do her best to help you feel better, because that’s what she does. She genuinely wants to see people live their best lives and thanks to Andrea, I feel like I can finally start to do that again.


I had been on Acid Reflux meds for well over 10 years! Have had two endoscopies. Gastro Doc had increased dosage over the years, triied different (Big Pharm) brands. NOTHING helped, but yet there were no finding in my endoscopies!They were perfect. I kept asking Doc if I had hiatal hernia and he kept saying that I did not. I finally went to see Andrea. First visit, she fixed my hiatal hernia au natural, right in the office. I could breathe so much better. I started on Standard Process natural supplements, and had stopped taking acid reflux meds within a month. I was also on high dosages of Cholesterol meds and high blood pressure meds for past 7+ years. I Lost 25 pounds within the next couple of months seeing Andrea and taking supplements. My blood pressure is now 117/80, cholesterol is 153. BMI went from 29 to 23. I have tried WW, every diet fad – Keto, pseudo-Keto, every exercise program. I was getting diet and exercise books and videos from the internet delivered to my house several times per month. NOTHING worked! After seeing Andrea for the first time, she told me that I was suffering from digestion issues and that she could help me fix that. She told me some foods that my system does not digest well. Now, I recommend her to all of my family, friends and co-workers. If YOU are reading these testimonials trying to decide if this will help you, STOP dragging your feet!!! and get your health and your life back! Go see Andrea – it will be the best thing that you have ever done for yourself!!!

David Mammano

Andréa and her team are truly amazing. Andréa has transformed my life and I encourage you to do meet with her.

Cheryl E.

Three years ago, I was looking for a nutritionist to help me with several chronic health issues because I wasn’t getting answers about their root cause from the specialists I was seeing. Numerous medications for these issues were given, which did not work and gave me horrific side effects. While searching online, I came across Andrea and Gateway Nutrition. I began to read the patient testimonials and after doing so, sent her an email outlining my issues to see if she could help me… she could!

During the initial consultation, I was a bit skeptical about kinesiology and also about some of the things she wanted to change about my diet but decided I had nothing to lose. What struck me most about that initial meeting was that Andrea really listened to what I had to say, and I could tell that she really cared about me as a whole person. She did not see me as a series of body parts or as a “medical mystery” like other providers had referred to me as in the past.

Andrea was able to find the root cause of my issues and formulate a plan to help me heal. In that initial session, she explained things to me about my health that no provider had ever explained before and as an added bonus, explained what was going on without tons of medical jargon. She made me feel very comfortable asking questions that I had too.

In my opinion, there is no one that is more qualified and as knowledgeable about nutrition and how the body works as she is. She is very good at what she does and when I have any health issues, she is the first person I turn to help me make sense of what is going on in my body. I can’t thank her enough for giving me a better quality of life. If you have any type of health issue, I highly recommend setting up an appointment with Andrea. You won’t be sorry!

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