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news_11After overwhelming demand we have created a separate weight loss program to help the people in need of accelerated results but with true health and safety in mind; there is a need for an actual expert to lead the way and not just hand out starvation diet tactics! Our goal is to help walk you through what you need to do to finally start to see a change in your body, not just in your weight but your overall quality of life!You will start with an initial consultation with Andréa, an experienced and trained Clinical Nutritionist to determine your specific dietary needs and possible dysfunctions occurring in the body. She will do a physical Nutritional Exam  to access potential reasons you are not able to lose the weight and support the body accordingly. She will also write a unique dietary outline and plan for you.

fruitsThis program is designed to effect all the areas that have a hand in weight loss including a balanced, appropriate diet for YOU with lifestyle modifications and personalized whole food supplementation  to maximize achievable and accelerated weight loss. Unique to our office is the option for on-site Personal Training  as well. We have program options for different periods of time as well as add on options for exercise plans written just for you and/or working directly with our Trainer.

Here is a basic outline for the program:

  • Initial Consult with Andréa
    • Nutritional Exam
    • Advanced Body Composition check, with print out and Weigh-In
      • Easy understand and follow Dietary Guidelines customized for your unique needs (If you decide on beginning the program)
      • All of the necessary Whole Food and Herbal Supplementation (If you decide on beginning the program)
  • *Optional* add-on work out program and/or one on one session with a Personal Trainer
  • Follow-up Appointments WEEKLY with Health Coach
    • Advanced Body Composition and Weigh-In
    • Accountability check of diet and supplementation
    • Questions/Concerns Addressed
    • Email and phone access throughout the program for support if needed
  • Final Visit at the end of your Program with Andréa
    • Final Body Composition check, with print out and Weigh-In
    • Nutritional Exam – reevaluation
    • Dietary Check-In and Outline – WHAT NOW? How to maintain your new weight!

If you are interested in getting an initial consultation and evaluation please call our office at 585-388-6086 or email us HERE  and specify that you want a weight loss program appointment.



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Make an appointment with Andréa Evans today by calling