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I am a trained Clinical Nutritionist with almost 10 years of hands-on experience in weight loss and chronic, complicated physiological dysfunctions of the body. I have extensive training, I am passionate about what I do and I take my job as your support system very seriously. My approach will not hurt you, your metabolism and your long-term health. Working with me and our team at Gateway means working with experts in the field, not just someone fed a program created by a marketing group.pull-quote-darkreverse

Nutritional Exam

All weight loss participants will be evaluated by Andréa through a Nutritional Deficiency Exam to determine what support is appropriate for each person’s body. This is a hand’s on systematic approach requires no machinery or computer programs, it is completely practitioner and participant led. Each section of the Nutritional Exam looks at the areas of function that may require support to maintain health. The focus of the Exam will be on digestion, absorption and sugar handling as these are the key to success in any dietary, weight loss of lifestyle change program. The failure of other weight loss programs is often do to missing these simple but imperative steps. Additionally hormonal, mineral and detoxification support will also be assessed at this time.

Nutritional Efficiency

The sympathetic system (fight or flight areas of the body) functions like the accelerator of a car engine. The parasympathetic system (the resting and digestive areas of the body) functions like the brakes of your vehicle. These two systems make up the autonomic nervous system, which controls your heart beat rate. Both of these systems can be affected by your nutritional status. Meaning, the food you eat or don’t eat, the vitamins, minerals and water you take in. For these systems to work effectively you need proper nutrition coming in, your digestion and absorption needs to be functioning properly and as discussed in the Hidden Reasons You Can’t Lose Weight tab your hormones and detoxification processes need to be working effectively!

Whole Food Supplements

Given the proper source of nutrients the body has an incredible ability to keep healthy and if need be regain health. Whole food supplements offer nutritional benefits that can enable your whole body to function more efficiently. There are two types of supplements or vitamins that claim to improve your health: 1.) Whole food supplements, and 2.) Manmade (nutraceutical = nutrient based pharmaceutical) vitamins.

Whole food supplements are nutrients developed from food sources that are recognizable and bioavailable to the body, meaning the body can readily absorb it with little to no effort because it can recognize it as food. For example, carrot (root) powder, beets, pea vine juice, desiccated liver, etc.

Manmade supplements include items such as magnesium oxide, calcium carbonate (made from crushed up rocks and shells), pyridoxine or biotin which are labeled as Vitamin B (but are made from coal tar), gelatin, silicon dioxide, chromium chloride. These are elements that are not recognized as food sources but are in fact man made synthetic chemicals and substances. Chemicals will never create health!

When choosing supplements, it’s about the quality of the supplement versus the quantity of IU. If your body cannot recognize or absorb or utilize a chemical substance what does it matter if you take 10,000 IU a day?

For the best health benefits and outcomes, it’s best to take whole food supplementation – the body knows what it is and knows how to use them!

Most of the ingredients in the Standard Process line of whole food supplements are manufactured on the largest organic farm in the country (in Palmyra, Wisconsin) and quality controlled from seed to the bottle as the end result. Farmers harvest the food at their peak nutrient value throughout the growing season. For more information please visit their website directly or our Standard Process tab.

Our office will only use the highest quality available to help support your body.


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